Options for Bodily Remains

Home Burial


Many people choose to bury a pet at home as a way of keeping it close. This can provide you and your family with a chance to have a funeral and memorial service, which in themselves can be powerful coping tools. Home burial also provides the opportunity to create a permanent memorial to one's pet -- a grave marker, a statue, or perhaps a tree planted over the pet's grave to serve as a living memorial. (Others choose to bury a pet under an existing shrub or tree that the pet liked to sleep under.)


A home burial however requires some preparation and consideration.  Yu must be sure that you can dig a deep enough grave to ensure that your pet's remains will not be disturbed in the future or become a health hazard. You  might not wish to bury a pet at home if you rent, or if you are likely to move away from the property.


Please be sure to check your local laws regarding burying your dog in your yard.

Cremation Services


If you would still like to keep your pet's remains but don't have a place to bury an actual body, consider having your pet's remains cremated and returned to you. This still has the advantage of keeping your pet "at home," but bypasses health problems or the concern that the pet's remains might be disturbed later. With this method, you can keep the pet's ashes in a decorative urn or container; you'll find a wide range of such products on our urns page.


Wise Owl Animal Hospital offers alkaline hydrolysis cremation services on a private (individual) as well as communal (mass) basis.  This is a gentle, eco-responsible alternative to fire-based cremation. 


Private Cremation 


With private cremation, your pet will be placed in it's own section.  After undergoing the cremation process, your pet's remains will be returned to you. Private cremation allows you to receive the remains of your individual pet.


Communal Cremation


With communal cremation, your pet will be cremated with other pets.  After the process is completed, the pets' remains are spread across a local farmer's field. With communal cremation you do not receive any ashes. 

What is Alkaline hydroysis cremation?


Alkaline hydrolysis is essentially an accelerated version of what takes place during natural decomposition. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity is used to accelerate the natural course of tissue hydrolysis. At the end of the process the body has been returned to its basic building blocks, dissolved in the water. Similar to cremation, the only solid remains are the mineral ash of the bones.  Through the alkaline hydrolysis process we are able to return 20% more of the remains to you than through fire cremation. This "ash" is also lighter in color because there is no carbon discoloration from burning.


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