Wise Owl Animal Hospital provides outstanding care at affordable prices! View the many services we provide for our clients and patients.

Wellness Exams

Just like us, our pets need check-ups too! Preventative care makes sure your pet is healthy and illnesses can be caught early.


Spays & Neuters

Often refered to as "desexing," spays (for female pets) and neuters (for male pets) are another way to keep your pet healthy.


Worms, Fleas & Ticks

These common parasites are harmful to your pet's health and well being.  Is your pet protected?


Make sure your pet is up to date on the vaccinations that will help keep them healthy!



Learn what to expect from your pet's surgery, how to prepare and after care.



Ear Crops
A cosmetic procedue for your dog to enhance the asthetics of their ear shape and size.

Micro Chipping

An ID for your pet! If your pet is brought to a shelter or veterinarian they can be scanned, identified and returned to you!




Pamper your furry friend with our washing and bathing services to make your pet feel fresh and beautiful.


Dental Care

Make those pearly white teeth shine and help prevent bad breath!



Going on a trip?  Let your pet stay with us while you're away. We'll feed, walk and give your pet loving attention until you return.


Traveling With Your Pet

Traveling can be stressful.  Let us take care of your pet's arangements. Military travel provided too.



Other Services

Wise Owl Animal Hospital offers many other helpful and convenient services for you and your pet.  Check them out here. .


A way to reduce pain and inflamation as your pet heals that's centuries old.




Laser Therapy

A non-invasive way to help your pet heal from acute and/or chronic conditions or after surgery. 




This page is specifically dedicated to information about our feline friends. 



Other Pets

Birds, hamsters, rabbits. Our clinic provides services for all species of animals.  



Pet Loss Page Under Construction

We provide services to help you say goodbye to your beloved pet and keep them in your memories forever.



After-Hours Consultations
We provide services and care on holidays and after hours for those unexpected pet concerns. these services are prioritized for Wise Owl Clients and a fee may apply.  





Patient Treatment Options

It is our policy to offer our clients treatment options so they are able to have input into the most appropriate course of action for their pet.  We provide information about the treatments that may be proposed to allow our clients to make informed decisions about their pet's treatment. 


Fees & Payment Options

The fees we charge for the services we provide are kept as low as possible. 

We do ask for payment at the time of service. We accept cash, most major Credit Cards and personal checks (with identification that can be photocopied).


Proud Provider of Care Credit!


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