Ear Crops

ear crop

What is an ear crop? 

An ear crop is a type of surgery for your dog. An ear crop involves cutting off the floppy part of a dog’s ear  and reshaping it to cause the cartilage to stand up.  It is widely believed this procedure increases the overall health of the ear by lessening ear infections and other problems. During the post-surgery period the ear is usually stitched or taped into a desired position for several weeks while they heal and stay upright. Being on time with your pet's followups and suture removal will ensure a great looking result.  

Ear crops are popular for numerous breeds of dogs, including pit bulls. Owners might decide to crop their pit bulls’ ears to give them their signature appearance which was established centuries ago. Ear cropping is also referred to as docking, otoplasty and ear trimming.

When to do an ear crop 

The optimal time for cropping a Pit Bull puppy's ears is when they are over 10 pounds and the cartilage in their ears begins to firm. This can best be determined in consult with one of our experienced veterinarians. For Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes and Miniature Pinchers the best time is after 16 weeks of age.   

Dobermans, Boxers, and Great Danes may take up to 6 months before their ears stand. This involves multiple and sometimes weekly visits to the veterinarian to “post” the ears. If you are considering having your dog (from one of these breeds) ears cropped please understand you are committing yourself to up to 6 months of work and devotion to the process. If you are not up to this, please do not crop your dogs ears. 

When they are done sooner they heal better and have less difficulty standing erect. However, ears can be clipped at other ages as well. Older dogs can be cropped on a case to case basis.

Popular Types of Pit Bull Ear Crops 


Short Crop

Short crop is best with flat headed dogs like the Staffordshires. This crop leaves about one third of the original ear. 

Medium Crop

The show crop is one of the most requested ear crops for pit bulls. It is a medium crop and gives the dog an overall alert look. It is also best with pits that have a rounded head or an asymmetrical stripe up the middle of their face/muzzle. This crop is typically the hardest to get to stand properly.

Tall Crop

This is the longest ear crop available for pit bulls. It is best with dogs that have an almond shaped head and ears lower down on the skull. This type of ear cropping leaves about three-fourths of the original length of the ear.

Wise Owl also does Medium-Short and Medium-Tall Crops.  Ask your veterinarian if you are interested in one of these crops.

Popular Types of Doberman Ear Crops 


Military/Pet Crop

The short crop is relatively short in length and has a wider base.  It does not typically take very long to stand. 

Medium Crop

The medium crop is a little longer and has a little less of a base.

Show Crop

This is the longest ear crop available for Dobermans. It is a little narrower than the other two crops.

Miniature Pinscher Ear Crops 


Tall Crop

This ear crop leaves more of the ear providing an even, elongated look to the face.  

Short Crop

The short crop is relatively short in length and has a wider base.  It does not typically take very long to stand.

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